Helping to reduce drug and alcohol use in Cheshire County
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Helping to reduce drug and alcohol use in Cheshire County
63 Community Way, Keene NH 03431 | Ph: 603-719-4150 |

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May 29, 2015
  •  MADAC would like to welcome Keene City Council member Terry Clark to our executive board. Congratulations Terry and thank you for your service!

     Legislative updates from New Futures:

    The Senate Judiciary Committee voted on recommendations to the full Senate on the following two bills:


    HB 270 – relative to granting immunity from criminal prosecution to a person who reports a drug related emergency (AKA the Good Samaritan Bill) received a unanimous Ought to Pass recommendation


    HB 618 – relative to reducing the penalties related to marijuana possession received an Inexpedient to Legislate recommendation by a vote of 4-1. Senators Carson, Cataldo, Daniels and Pierce all voted to kill the bill, with Senator Lasky opposed. *This recommendation may not prevail in the full Senate, so be sure to contact your Senator if you care about this issue. Our primary concern is the impact this legislation will have on youth access to marijuana.

    Tell your Senator to fully fund the Alcohol Fund



    Your advocacy is making progress!

    Today, the Senate Finance Committee approved a budget that restored approximately $3.1 million to the House approved number, proposing $6.7 million for substance abuse services in the 2016-17 biennium.

    The Senate Finance Committee’s proposal of $6.7 million for the Alcohol Fund is $10.5 million below the statutorily established 5% of gross profits from the State’s sale of alcohol that should be dedicated to substance abuse services. The Senate Finance Committee reduced the formula used for determining the amount that should be dedicated to the Alcohol Fund from 5% to 1.7%.

    Call your Senator at the numbers listed below. Timing on this is important, so even if you’ve already spoken to your Senator or their staff person, another call is crucial because the full Senate will be voting soon. Ask them to support full funding of the Alcohol Fund at 5%.

    Make sure your senator understands the scope of the substance use crisis. Send them this recent editorial from the Union Leader NH’s budget shame: The nearly empty Alcohol Fund or share that the Office of the Medical Examiner just announced the final count of opiate-related deaths in 2014 was 325 people. Briefly tell your Senator about the impact that substance use is having on your business, on your family, or in your community.

    Contact your Senator!

    Click below for a helpful list of contact info for all NH Senators:

    Senator Contact List




    Speak Peace June 6




    2015 Open House Flier copy





    * See our Education & Training Page for more info and for registration link
     Advocacy Training:Are you interested in becoming a New Futures advocate? New Futures works to reduce New Hampshire drug and alcohol problems by advocating, educating, and collaborating for progressive policy in the Granite State.In 2015, New Futures is holding four advocacy trainings in Concord:(March 3rd, April 23rd, November 17th, and December 15th). These trainings are done in partnership with Hope for New Hampshire Recovery and will include an Our Voices Have Power workshop-where advocates will learn about the importance of sharing their lived experience

    The 46th Annual New England Summer School:

    When: Monday, June 8, 2015 – Thursday, June 11, 2015

    Where: Worcester State University

    With over 80 courses, covering dozens of important topics, the New England Summer School is an event not to be missed. Coursework has been designed for new addiction counselors, prevention specialists, recovery coaches, recovery organizers, allied professionals, seasoned clinicians, criminal justice professionals, agency administrators, and all who encounter addiction in their work.

    We encourage you to register today to ensure your course choices! Check out the course list and course descriptions. We encourage you to click here to register today to ensure your course choices!

    The New England state agencies are generously offering partial state scholarships. Click here for scholarship application information.

     Open House2015
     NH WISDOM Alcohol and Other Drug Module Launched:
    New Hampshire’s WISDOM public health data system launched its Alcohol and Other Drug module last month, providing five dashboards of data showing measures of prevalence of alcohol and drug misuse, perceptions that may influence misuse, and harmful impacts such as emergency room visits and drug-related deaths. This is the first time NH-specific data have been readily accessible to the general public. Data are searchable by population and geographies, including by county and by public health region. Additional indicators will be coming on-line over the next several months. Please note that when visiting WISDOM, it is recommended that only one module and dashboard should be opened at a time.
    New Updates to the NH Alcohol and Drug Treatment Locator
    Several updates have been made to the online directory to streamline and help narrow treatment searches. Two new filters have been added to search by population and/or payment type and available treatment options can be reviewed and printed. See updates here

    New Rules and Training Increase Access to a Life-Saving Drug

    The NH State Department of Safety issued a press release announcing new rules and training to allow law enforcement personnel to more easily obtain a license to administer life-saving doses of Narcan to people who are overdosing. This is in response to recommendations made by the Governor’s Strategic Task Force on Preventing Death from Opioid Overdose. Read the press release here


    Selecting Evidence-Informed Prevention Strategies: Resources for NH’s Prevention System
    Updated guidance for selecting evidence-based prevention strategies is now available from BDAS. Review this document for more information on researching and developing strategy recommendations.
    NHHPP Recruits Addiction Treatment and Behavioral Health Practitioners
    NHHPP needs licensed behavioral health practitioners to provide substance use disorder services to clients who need them. Consider enrolling in Medicaid and contracting with managed care organizations to deliver needed services. Utilize this document  for a detailed overview of the enrollment and credentialing process. Personalized support is available to practitioners to help navigate this process.
    Core Competencies for Licensed Behavioral Health Counselors Treating Substance Use Disorders
    The New Hampshire Governor’s Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention, Treatment and Recovery Treatment Task Force has prepared and requested the Commission and Governor to approve recommendations for the knowledge, skills and clinical support behavioral health practitioners should establish and maintain for the treatment of substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health conditions. These core competencies  and the workforce development to support them are anticipated to help expand the network of providers available to meet demand for treatment in the state. The recommendations have also been endorsed by the New Hampshire Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors Association.
     SBIRT:An Interprofessional Conference
     This two-day conference will offer participants interactive workshops for a better understanding of SBIRT and its application and effectiveness. Get more information here.
    Justice Involved Veteran’s Conference
    Advocates and service providers for justice involved veterans in our state including judges, defense attorneys, prosecutors, mental health providers, law enforcement, correctional executives and officers, VA representatives, substance abuse treatment providers, peer support counselors and others who work with this population will come together to begin to discuss how to develop interventions to better serve this population. This first-time event is organized by the NH Department of Health and Human Services. See agenda  . Join the conversation by registering here
    Drug Courts Work By Changing Lives
    Robert Gasser, Training Officer for Grafton County Drug Court, shares his insight on the value of drug courts. Mr. Gasser helped start the second drug court in NH which recently admitted its 100th participant and has supported many with their personal goals in that “twelve participants have regained custody of their children; five have given birth to drug-free babies; five have earned GEDs; twelve have enrolled in college; five have started their own businesses; and one was reinstated into his professional career.” Read this editorial
    Powerful Opioid Fentanyl Blamed for Spike in U.S. Drug Overdose
     A recent nationwide alert has been issued related to fentanyl overdoses. In the last two years the number of drug busts has increased and most recently the number of deaths has risen to alarming rates – including in New Hampshire.
     From RX to Heroin
    Check out this interactive infographic which highlights one teen’s story about how the transition happens and actions that can be taken.
    Why Wouldn’t You Increase Access to a Drug That Saves Lives?
    Review this editorial on Narcan. Where do you stand? Read more
    Abuse-Deterrent Opioids Prevent Users from Intensifying High
    A study that surveyed 11,000 drug users at 150 treatment facilities across 48 states indicated that abuse-deterrent medications can cut down on prescription drug abuse. Another study also suggests economic benefits with the prescribing of abuse-deterrent opioids.  Read more
    SAMHSA Bans Drug Court Grantees from Ordering Participants Off Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)
    Recently, it was announced that drug courts receiving funding cannot oppose offenders from receiving treatment such as buprenorphine or methadone for opioid use disorders. Read more
    Program- and Service-Level Costs of Seven SBIRT Programs
    NIAtx Publication Focuses on SBIRT
    Check out The Bridge, a semi-annual publication providing up-to-date information on specific models and practices. Issue 2 specifically focuses on SBIRT and promoting the integration of substance use treatment into medical care.
    Read more here

    * Link to NHTIAD Training Registration form

    OUR MISSION: Influence public awareness, policy, and funding to support alcohol, tobacco and other drug prevention, treatment, and recovery especially as it pertains to youth, in Cheshire County, NH.
    GOALS:  Reduce substance use among youth and adults, and strengthen collaborative partnerships within communities.
    We offer prevention activities and education to reduce youth and young adult alcohol and substance use; advocate for policy change and increased funding for prevention, treatment, and recovery; and offer prevention trainings, internships, and substance-free events all year.


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