Helping reduce drug & alcohol use in Cheshire County

Calendar & Events



Speakers: Current issues on Heroin, Methamphetamines, Synthetics, Prescription Drugs

Help create holiday messaging!

National Health Observances: Stalking Awareness Month




Youth Risk Behavior Survey is administered in schools – volunteers needed

Sticker Shock Campaign – volunteers needed

Help create safe driving messages!

National Health Observances: Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month




Alcohol & Tobacco Compliance Checks so retailers don’t sell to minors – volunteers needed!

High School Open House Events – set up a MADAC table with information and goodies

to hand out – volunteers needed!


Kick Butts Day

National Health Observances:          National Nutrition Month

                                                                                    National Youth Violence Prevention Week 19th-23rd






Prescription Take-Back event with Drug Enforcement Administration – volunteers needed!

Prevention Education & Training (see EDUCATION & TRAININGS tab)

National Health Observances:          Alcohol Awareness Month

                                                                                    National Child Abuse Prevention Month



                                                                                    National Distracted Driving Awareness Month



                                                                                    Sexual Assault Awareness & Prevention Month

                                                                                    National Public Health Week

                                                                                    World Health Day

                                                                                    Safe Kids Week

                                                                                    National Alcohol Screening Day






Prom Night – help create safe prom night messages for the radio and newspaper!

Safe Graduation – help design messaging for having a safe graduation experience!

Volunteer with our VetCorps member on veteran outreach to increase access to services for vets

National Health Observances:          Mental Health Month

                                                                                    National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

                                                                                    National Youth Traffic Safety Month

                                                                                    Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week

                                                                                    National Alcohol and other drug-related Birth Defects

                                                                                    Awareness week


                                                                                    National Women’s Health Week

                                                                                    World No Tobacco Day

                                                                                    National Senior Health & Fitness Day




Come to our Town Hall forum, held locally and highlighting current

alcohol and drug use trends and current issues


Ramp Jam – join us at the annual Skateboard and Trick bike Ramp Jam – volunteers needed

to set up table and hand out goodies!


National Health Observances:          National Safety Month

                                                                                    Men’s Health Week

                                                                                    National HIV Testing Day




Alcohol & Tobacco Compliance Checks so retailers don’t sell to minors – volunteers needed!

Help create Safe Summer tips and get your messages printed up in the media!

Family Fun Nite at the Northfield Drive-ins – volunteers needed to hand out goodies

and promote drug-free lifestyles!


Project Sticker Shock – thank retailers for not selling tobacco or alcohol to underage buyers

National Health Observances:    UV Safety Month 800-331-2020




Help coordinate new partnerships with Suicide Prevention and Mental Health,

Businesses and Youth Groups – volunteers needed!



Spread the word in social media about summer safety tips – volunteers needed!

National Health Observances:          Children’s Eye Health & Safety

                                                                                    National Breastfeeding Month




Volunteer on a Prescription Take-Back Event with the Drug Enforcement Administration –

volunteers needed


Prepare for Red Ribbon Week activities – organize schools receiving materials –

volunteers needed


Community Presentation – distribute results from bi-annual Youth Risk Behavior Survey

National Health Observances           Fruit & Veggies – More Matters Month



                                                                                    National Childhood Obesity Awareness



                                                                                    National Recovery Month



                                                                                    Get Ready Day

                                                                                    National Rehabilitation Awareness Celebration

                                                                                    National School Backpack Awareness Day

                                                                                    RAINN Day (rape, abuse, and incest national network)

                                                                                    Family Health & Fitness day USA




Red Ribbon Week – help deliver tulip bulbs, ribbons, and other supplies to schools

to spread the message to live drug-free


National Health Observances:          Red Ribbon Week

                                                                                    National Bullying Prevention Month

                                                                                    Health Literacy Month

                                                                                    Stop America’s Violence Everywhere (SAVE)

                                                                                    Mental Health Awareness Week

                                                                                    Walk To School Day October 3

                                                                                    Child Health Day





Head to our state’s capitol to advocate for more funding for prevention and treatment –

volunteers needed!


National Smokeout Day11/21 – help spread the news tobusinesses about this

opportunity – volunteers needed!


National Health Observances:          International Survivors of Suicide

                                                                                    Drowsy Driving Prevention Week

                                                                                    Great American Smokeout




Help create and deliver safe holidays messages for the radio and newspapers –

volunteers needed!


National Health Observance:           World AIDS

                                                                                    Safe Toys and Gifts Month