Helping reduce drug & alcohol use in Cheshire County


Local, State, and National Reports and Updates




Greater Monadnock Public Health Region Community Health Improvement Plan 2015-2018
Greater Monadnock COC Development Plan
Greater Monadnock Region Misuse of Alcohol and Drugs – 2016-2019 Prevention Plan

Local One Pagers and Briefs

Monadnock Region System of Care: Why Wraparound?


Summary of 2018 NH Drug Overdoes Deaths
Summary of 2017 NH Drug Overdose Deaths
NH Drug Death Data 2018 Current Drug Data as of 9/10/2018
NH DMI Drug Environment Report - July 2018- UNCLASSIFIED (2018-3469)
Drug Data Update from NH Medical Examiner's Office 6-13-18
JUNE 2018 Report: NH Drug Monitoring Initiative (NH Information & Analysis Center)
Drug Data Update from NH Medical Examiner's Office (as of 6/12/2018)
Parental Substance Use in New Hampshire: Who Cares for the Children? (Spring 2018)
NH Drug Monitoring Initiative: April 2018 Report
NH Drug Overdose Deaths by Year - April 2018 Report 
New Hampshire’s Strategy for Reducing the Misuse of Alcohol and Other Drugs and Promoting Recovery 2013-2017 (PDF)
NH DMI Situational Awareness Alert- Fentanyl Tablets Disguised as Oxycodone
NH DMI Situational Awareness Alert-Carfentanil Update
NH DMI Drug Environment July 2017 Report
NH DMI Drug Environment September 2017 Report

State One Pagers and Briefs

Data Brief: New Hampshire Adolescent Cigarette Smoking and Marijuana Use
Public Health Advisory for Pediatricians: E-Cigarette Use among High School Age Youth in New Hampshire


2018 National Drug Threat Assessment
Campus Drug Prevention (News Release 7-11-17)
Drug Facts Lessons Learned from Prevention Research
Facing Addiction: The Surgeon General’s Report on Alcohol, Drugs, and Health
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Collaboration Assessment: Evaluating Community Collaborations (2002)

National One Pagers and Briefs

Medication Assisted Treatment-Prescription Drugs and Opioid Addiction

Survey Data

Greater Monadnock Region Youth Risk Behavior Survey 2017
T.A.P. Teen Assessment Project
Greater Monadnock Region Youth Risk Behavior Survey 2015
Monadnock Region Youth Risk Behavior Trends 2016

Power Point Presentations

Teen Assessment Project 2016 Youth Survey Greater Monadnock Public Health Network Combined Frequency Report
Monadnock Region System of Care:  System of Care: What is it?
What is Wraparound?